RNC Chairman Proves GOP = Tea Party

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't believe the national media meme about the Tea Party pushing those helpless establishment Republicans and their leaders around, and irretrievably to the fight fringe, where no mainstream conservative dares tread.

The GOP needs and uses the Tea Party when convenient, and there's nothing like a hot political campaign to get that mutual self-interest on full display

Here we have Republican National  Committee chairman Reince Priebus addressing tea party supporters in Wisconsin over the weekend, calling opponents of recall-embattled Scott Walker "union beasts," and seamlessly segueing into an anti-Obama rap.
We're in a battle for freedom in this country," Priebus said...

He said Walker had the courage stand up to public employee unions, likening them to "union beasts ... who will eat us out of house and home."

"After we elect, again, Scott Walker, and kickoff this recall election and boot it to the curb, we're going to take the next step," he said, adding that turning Wisconsin "red in November" will be "lights out" on Obama.
 I guess this what you'd call unintended transparency.

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