Walker's Numbers Don't Merit A Contract Extension

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Over at Purple Wisconsin, there's a little bit of baseball, jobs and PolitiFact data by which to measure Walker's performance:
I calculated yesterday that by using the 250,000-new-jobs-standard, and figures supplied by the state workforce secretary - - 6,000 new jobs so far - -  Walker's job creation batting average was .100.
That won't even get you a cup of coffee in the low minor leagues.
With batting averages in mind, let's look at other numbers that should earn Walker his outright release: 
Performance assessed by PolitiFact in this newspaper.
Walker has but six "true" findings and four "mostly true" out of 48 statements analyzed - - including one, intentional free pass - - getting something right about what's on the state flag.
10 of 48 is a truthiness batting average of .210...
And in case you are wondering, Barrett is batting .416 by comparison. Give that man a contract.

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