Tomah, WI Newspaper Calls Walker Out On Vote Fraud Claim

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Used to be that Tomah, WI, set in Monroe County cranberry country, was on the state's political map as home base for the late Ed Thompson, (Tommy's brother), who served as Mayor, generous supper club owner and surprisingly-strong Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2002.

More and more these days, perhaps in Ed Thompson's independent tradition, Tomah is where you find the state's most-outspoken small-town paper, The Tomah Journal - - and what a coincidence, as I began noting the Tomah Journal on this blog four years ago to the day - -  where the editorial board on Monday spoke strongly to Scott Walker power about a fake issue he recklessly raised- - alleged voter fraud in Wisconsin:
Gov. Scott Walker has made a spectacular assertion in advance of next week’s gubernatorial recall election.

“I’ve always thought in this state, close elections, presidential elections, it means you probably have to win with at least 53 percent of the vote to account for fraud. One or two points, potentially ... I mean there’s no question why they went to court and fought (to undo) voter ID.”

This is a monumental claim. Consider this: There were 2.2 million votes cast in the 2010 election for governor, and it’s reasonable to assume that turnout on June 5 will be close to 2.2 million again. Each percentage point represents 22,000 votes. Since Walker believes he needs 53 percent, he is alleging 66,000 fraudulent votes will be cast next week.

Alright, governor, where’s your proof?...

To toss this kind of rhetorical bomb on the eve of an election is reckless and ugly, even by today’s degraded standard of political rhetoric. Gov. Walker, either identify the specific source of fraudulent votes or recant and apologize. It’s the only honorable thing to do.
Where are the rest of the state's editorial boards on Walker's demagogic and unproven claim?

Who else will say that in the name of bogus voter fraud, Walker and legislators who pushed Voter ID were  using this political urban legend spun by right-wing talk shows and other propagandists to institutionalize election fraud statewide?

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