Best Thing About Journal Sentinel Walker Endorsement?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

As I said in so many words at my other blog, any Wisconsin talk radio host who calls the newspaper "liberal" from now has an entire walk-in closet full of pants on fire.

I thought this newspaper would stick to its no-endorsements-in-recall elections policy, articulated last year and cited at my other blog, here:

The Editorial Board will not recommend candidates in the recall elections. We believe policy arguments are best resolved on the floors of legislative bodies or at the ballot box during regular elections.

I was wrong. Shame on me.

All day Monday, the same Milwaukee talk radio stations that routinely call the newspaper "the dead tree,"  or mock it as the Sentinel-Journal, and gratuitously label it as a liberal publication punishing poor, beaten-down conservatives will do a back-flip and laud the newspaper instead.

That's how situational and paper-thin is the faux outrage they throw out in search of ratings.

Barrett supporters will get more motivation from the endorsement than Walker will get for receiving it.

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